At Flinders Workwear we have a range of accessories.

Socks– Bamboo  work socks are our most popular seller being 92% bamboo naturally antibacterial anti static and very comfortable with a huge range of colours.

They do take a little longer to dry but they are worth it. Included in the bamboo range are sports socks, health socks , men and womens singlets and mens underwear.

health group

extra thick_group


crew sports group

group bowls packs

bowls group


We also have cotton sock packs of 2 ,3 ,4 and 5 by CAT and FXD.





Flinders Workwear and Embroidery




Headwear –  A large range of caps at affordable prices. Leather and polysuede kids, mens and ladies hats by Jacaru. In winter beanies, and balaclavas available.

Flinders Workwear and Embroidery

Belts-  A small range of budget belts and for those who like something a bit better we have leather belts made by CAT.

Flinders Workwear and Embroidery

Gloves- Leather riggers gloves, and general purpose gloves . In winter knitted gloves available.

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